AOUG presentation: JavaScript, CSS and jQuery in APEX 19c

We presented an interested topic on the Austrian Oracle User Group event: AOUG Anwenderkonferenz 2019 – “Vienna calling. Technical but fun!”. The presentation title was “JavaScript, CSS and jQuery in APEX 19c” and it describes how to go beyond declarative options of Oracle APEX.

You can review a sample application on (workspace: datacons, username: datacons, password: datacons) and you can run it at The presentation and source code of the sample application can be also downloaded here.

About Przemysław Kantyka

LinkedIn Profile I am a Consultant with 15 years of professional experience in Forms, Oracle, PL/SQL and APEX. I am a participant in the Oracle ACE program. As a Snowflake Data Engineer, I also work with data warehouse systems and perform analysis, ETL and tuning activities. I am also a co-organizer of Snowflake Meetup Group Poland and a speaker at international conferences (DOAG, Oracle Open World, APEX World). I am co-founder and developer of Oracle-Snowflake Connector. Visit website
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