New Oracle APEX 5.2 for Christmas!

There is APEX 5.2 Early Adopter available on Release 5.2 brings a suite of new features including REST enabled SQL, improvements to REST Service Consumption, an all new Create App Wizard, new chart types, APEX Spotlight Search, and a whole lot more

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Free Oracle APEX training course materials

Here you can find free APEX training for download and self learning. Package of files contains:

  • Presentations with detailed comments
  • Hands-on Lab Guide with description of workshops
  • APEX source files, SQL files and data files for preparing of environment

You may use these materials in your training courses or curriculum.

Free Oracle APEX training

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What Developers Should Know … Part 3

If you have read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, you are now ready to observe parsing (soft and hard), bind peeking, influence them, and observe how Adaptive Cursor Sharing tries to fix it.

Literals vs Bind Variables

We can say, that variables used inside PLSQL block are „Automatic Bind Variables”. So it means they are considered as bind variable and are not causing parse operations. That it is better to run stored PLSQL block then a lot of single SQL queries from application (from database point of view)
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What Developers Should Know … Part 2

Up to now, we talked about

  • Selectivity / Cardinality
  • Skewed Data / Histograms
  • Displaying Execution Plans with Explain Plan, dbms_xplan package, autotrace feature
  • Introduced bind variables

I believe, that for most of you it was quite familiar..

But I also stronlgy believe, that we should talk about the process of executing SQL query and components of Oracle Database that take part in it…
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What Oracle Developers Should Know … Part 1

Quite often, as Database Administrators we are faced the case,  when our attitude to SQLs, our knowledge of topic, is in contraty to what Developers know..

It all comes from fact, that Developers, do not have some information, and look at application from functional point of view…

In this series of posts, I will try to build a bridge between DBAs and DEVs…

So, let’s go to the point..

Subjects that this series will raise:

  • Selectivity / Cardinality and Histograms
  • How to read execution plans (Explain Plan – sometimes lies ?)
  • What is Shared pool – why Devs should know it ?
  • Bind variables vs Literals
  • Variable Bind Peeking
  • Adaptive Cursor Sharing – selectivity cubes
  • Access Paths and Join Methods
  • Result Set Cache
  • Adaptive Optimizations in 12c

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Co nowego w Oracle 12.2 – Identyfikatory powyżej 30 znaków?

„The maximum length of identifiers is increased to 128 bytes for most identifiers, up from 30 bytes in previous releases”

Brzmi ciekawie 😉

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Oracle 12.2 – dokumentacja

Ukazała się dokumentacja do Oracle 12.2. Możemy zapoznać się między innymi z nowymi cechami 12.2, dzięki „What’s new”.

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Feature of our Oracle Databases – Why should we migrate to Multitenant architecture


Enjoy presentation about new Multitentant architecture offered by Oracle !
Discover prons and cons and „Why should we migrate to Multitenant architecture”

Click link below to see the presentation:


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APEX 5.1 Early Adopter 2 Available

After a long (but I’m sure well worth it) wait, Oracle just announced APEX 5.1 Early Adopter 2 is available.

Head over to to sign up and request a Workspace.

The two big items everyone has been waiting for are

Interactive Grids

Imagine an Interactive Report. Now imagine that you can easily manipulate data simply by clicking on a cell and editing its value. That is the simple story behind this powerful new feature of Application Express 5.1. Unlock the full potential of your database, in a powerful, easy to use, highly customizable way with Interactive Grids.

Jet Charts

Charts in Application Express have been completely revamped. Powered by the all new Oracle JET charting library, these charts are beautiful, fast, highly customizable, and extremely versatile. Your data has never looked so good.

Reading through the “Additional Features in Application Express 5.1” section on the EA homepage it looks like there are lots of other interesting improvements and enhancements.

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What is and What is not Exadata Engineered System


Enjoy presentation about main features of Exadata, distinguishing it from others solutions on market !

Click link below to see the presentation:


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