Oracle APEX 18.2c is available for download

Oracle APEX 18.2c is available for download. Check this link:

There are great new features like REST Enabled SQL, JET charts improvements, Interactive Grid improvements, JavaScript API documentation for widgets, better master-detail, improvements if APEX Font and App Builder interface. See new features at and all features at:

About Przemysław Kantyka

LinkedIn Profile I am a Consultant with 15 years of professional experience in Forms, Oracle, PL/SQL and APEX. I am a participant in the Oracle ACE program. As a Snowflake Data Engineer, I also work with data warehouse systems and perform analysis, ETL and tuning activities. I am also a co-organizer of Snowflake Meetup Group Poland and a speaker at international conferences (DOAG, Oracle Open World, APEX World). I am co-founder and developer of Oracle-Snowflake Connector. Visit website
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